Helmet of Perseus


Preportedly worn by the legendary Hellenic hero of myth, this helmet was found in the Forbidden Black Temple by Maria, Siobhan, and Remi. Although the explorers managed to extract the relic from the structure, they were forced to hand it over to Monsieur DuLac in order to gain his help to escape the animated statues guarding the Temple.

Also known as the Helm of Darkness, the Helmet of Pluto, the Helmet of Orcus, or the Cap of Invisibility, the device was supposedly given to Hades to battle the Titans. It is also referenced in other myths as being worn by Athena during the Trojian War, by Hermes when battling giants, and by Perseus when he slew Medusa. It is said to surround the wearer in a cloud of mist, making him undetectable. Alternative stories claim the helmet allows the wearer to “cloak his true self” and classical sources often use it as a proverbial device when referring to treachery, political cunning and false counsel.


Helmet of Perseus

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