Dagger of Theseus


Found by Miro in a buried Numan ruin west of New Providence, this ancient Hellenic blade glows in the presence of magic. When a spell is cast in the presence of the naked blade, the magic is drawn into the dagger, causing it to glow brightly. The spell sometime affects the wielder as well, granting bonuses intended by the original casting. The blade was highly effective against the stone guardians in the forbidden black temple, especially after being charged with magic.

After completing research into the weapon, Maria, Francisco, and Hugo believe the blade may be the one given to Theseus by the daughter of King Minos, which he used to kill the Minotaur of the Labyrinth. Unfortunately, any legends about the specific powers or abilities of the weapon have been lost to time.

Game Info (based on Miro’s use and experimentation with Keman’s help)
When a spell is cast within 60 feet of this blade, the magic is drawn into the weapon. The wielder and makes a Spirit check to oppose the caster’s spellcasting check and the result determines the outcome of the spell:

Result Beneficial Spell Offensive Spell
Weilder wins with Raise Dagger charged and wielder gains benefits for full spell duration Unknown
Weilder wins or ties Dagger charged and wielder gains benefits until charge used or spell ends Unknown
Caster wins Dagger charged but wielder gains no benefit Unknown
Caster wins with Raise Spell functions normally, dagger not charged Unknown

When the dagger was used to strike the animated statues in the Forbidden Temple, it gave the following benefits:
  Normal: +2 Fighting rolls, +4 damage
  Charged: +4 Fighting rolls, double damage
Striking with the dagger dispels the stored charge. The stored charge lasts as long as the original spell or 3 rounds, whichever is longer.


Dagger of Theseus

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