Keman Marcez


Agility D8 Parry 7 (6 +1 staff)
Smarts D6 Charisma -1
Strength D8 Toughness 5 (7 in armour)
Vigor D6
Spirit D6

Shooting D8
Fighting D8
know geography D4*
know religion D4*
healing D6
throwing d4
spell casting d10

Castille D6
Avalon D4
Vendal D4
native language D4

Arcane background – Mage
Free strike
improved agility from d6-d8
improved str from d6-d8 on second advance
moved magic from d8 to d10 on first advance
new spell – wallwalk on third advance

Habit – always chewing something that runs a bit out of his mouth

Stuff Weapons
backpack Bayonet on musket D6 d8 2 hands +1 parry/reach
canteen Bayonet ( = to a dagger) d4 + d8
normal clothes x2
lantern (5 oils) Bow 2d6 12/24/48 40 arrows – 2 quivers
flint and steel Wheel lock pistol 2d8 5/10/20
scroll creation kit Wheel lock musket 2d10 10/20/40
crow bar
50’ rope Chain mail (
2 armour covers chest, legs arms)
grapple hook (remi’s) Open helm (+2 armour for head)
chew (10 sp trail rations)
1 week’s food
powder horn full (40 charges)
shot (40 rounds)
2 – water tight pouches
fancy clothes
500 monetary units invested in goods to go back to the New World
150 left for me to play with


Spells and Scrolls
Armour, mystic bolt, envirnomental protection, wall walk
Memorized 10 points worth
3 point – 3 bolts – 2d6 per bolt
wall walker 3 points – me + 2 other people
3 points – 3 bolts – 2d6 per bolt
1 point – 1 bolt – 2d6 bolt

Scrolls 10 points worth
1 scroll of 6 points environmental prot – enough for 5 people
1 scroll of 4 points of wall walker – enough for 3 people

Keman Marcez

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