Alexander Keiths McDùgal

"I see dead people."



Name: Alexander Keiths McDùgal Alias:
Concept: Merchant Mage Rank: Seasoned Experience: 20
Race: Human (Vendel) Profession: Merchant Languages: Vendel (d10),
Castillian (d8), Avalon (d6)
Age: 19 Height: 180 cm Weight: 70 kg


Agility d6 Charisma 0 Spellcasting d10
Smarts d10 Pace 6 Fighting d8
Spirit d4 Parry 5 Knowledge(Arcana) d8
Strength d6 Toughness 5 (6) Notice d6
Vigor d6 Riding d4
Persuasion d6
Power Points: 15 Shooting d6
Current PP 15 Survival d6



Arcane Background (Sorcerer) Major: Code of Honor
Fast Learner Minor: Obligation (Innis & Gunn Trading House)
Power Points +5

Major: Enemy (Inquisitor)

Minor: Obligation (Maria Francesca) until he believes honour has been satisfied
Equipment Cost Dmg Description
Rapier Str + d4 +1 Parry
Sling 4/8/16 Str + d4
Leather 1 Armour
Buckler +1 parry

Power PP Range Duration Description
Analyze Foe
The Dead advise him
1-2 Smarts x2 3 (1/rnd) Learn about target to gain bonuses on checks and specific knowledge
Bolt 1-3 12/24/48 Instant Damaging bolt of magical energy
Speak Language 1 Touch 10min (1/10min) Allows target to speak, read and write a language


Alexander speaks to the dead and they speak back. They are always ready to teach him whatever things he may need to know. The dead are full of experts in various crafts. It is just a matter of finding the correct grave in order to gain tutelage.(Fast Learner)

Grimorium Maleficium was an evil tome who’s pages no blade could cut, nor fire burn, however a mighty spell was cast over 150 years ago allowing the book to be split in a number of parts and a guardian charged to guard over each part until a means of destroying it was found. Researching the means to destroying this book was one of the Vaticine Church’s prime directives for the Inquisition in the last century and a half (or so Alexander has been told by his father).

The exact number of parts the book was split into is unknown to Alexander, but Alexander’s knew of three guardians, his father Innis McDugal (the head of the Innis & Gunn trading house), the Hierophant of the Vaticine Church and Cristobal Gallegos. Cristobal Gallegos had gone missing 150 years ago travelling in search of the new world, the position of Hierophant is vacant and the Inquisition makes a power grab in the vacuum created and his father Avery was murdered by an Inquisitor named Jebediah Hargrove who then stole the part of the Grimorium Maleficium Alexander’s father guarded.

Alexander has been following Jebediah’s trail for month’s now, a trail that leads to the new world.

Alexander’s code of honour prevents him from using damaging or mind controlling spells on humans.

Alexander’s superstitions sometimes override his code of honour and cause him to act in a manner less than gentlemanly. He will endeavour to make up for this behaviour once the object of his superstition has passed.

List of Superstitions
Women on ships. (They cause pirate and kraken attacks)

Alexander Keiths McDùgal

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