Humans represent the vast majority of the population of Euros. There are tiny minorities of other races, usually represented as either small communities within larger cities, or in very specific niches within the wider continent. Persecution of other races is common, and many consider the non-humans to be lesser beings, or even devolved forms of proper humans.


Small enclaves of dwarves are known to exist in the Appenine mountains of central Euros. They tend to be very insular, although are occasionally enticed to travel to Eisen to work in the dracheneisen mines. Although valued for their skills, the dwarves are usually paid less than human miners, and given the most dangerous jobs in the deepest sections of the mine.


The fey are most common in the wilds of Avalon, where many say they represent only a tiny fraction of the mystical creatures lurking in the woods and moors. Avalon’s fear of the Sidhe results in a more respectful, but very distant, attitude with this race. The few elves scattered through mainland Euros face more naked disrespect and much less fear.


Also most common in Avalon, half-elves suffer from rejection from both human society and elven enclaves. The half-breeds gain nothing from the Avalonian fear of the Sidhe, and are treated contemptibly on the mainland as well.


The little people fair the best of the non-human races, often thanks to their resemblance to children. Many full-grown halflings will cultivate this misperception to their advantage, although it can result in resentment from those who feel they have been tricked.


The result of raids of brutal barbarian tribes from the Eastern Steppes, half-orcs are exclusively of Ussaran origin. Their appearance, rough nature, and disturbing origins make life anywhere in Euros difficult. Most half-orcs find subsistence living as manual laborers to be their pinnacle rung in society.


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