Midnight Archipelago


Far to the west of Castille lies an extensive island chain known as the Midnight Archipelago. It contains thousands of tiny islands, some no bigger than a sandbar, some large enough to house an small country. The warm waters around them produce a tropical atmosphere which many consider the closest thing to paradise. Many islands contain tribes of dark-skinned natives (some friendlier than others), but despite extensive efforts by many explorers, the majority of the Archipelago remains unmapped and unknown.

Some of the western nations have established colonies on a few of the larger islands, trading with the natives and even constructing townships where they can. The countless islands also provide safe haven for all manner of criminals, who can hide from the reach of authorities and strike at any unwary ship passing by.

The most prominent features in the Archipelago include Kanuba (whose native inhabitants trade regularly with the local Castillian port), the Straits of Blood (where pirates and scoundrels gather to spend their ill-got gains), and L’Il du B├ęte (a island supposedly full of monsters, where Montaigne nobility pay outrageous sums to hunt exotic beasts).

Midnight Archipelago

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