Mabeniki Culture

In teaching Miro and Francisco about native culture in Colombo, Hokolesqua has shared some of the myths and stories of his people.

How the Mabeniki Came To Be

In the days before our grandfathers’ time, the people of the Mabeniki were little more than animals, digging in the mud and living in the trees. We did not speak or hunt or care for our families as we do now. Life was short and hard, without the warmth of the fire or wisdom of the elders to guide us.

The gods of the sky and the land looked down upon these animals and used us as beasts of burden. Although life was still hard, the gods took pity upon our ancestors and we prospered.

But one day, the gods of the sky and the land were beset by others, dark creatures without pity or love or compassion. A great war raged over the sky and the land, and our people suffered greatly again. The evil was too powerful, and the gods despaired of defeating its power. They turned to our ancestors and said, “People of the earth, the Great Evil is upon us. Would you take these gifts and defeat the darkness before it destroys us all?”

And many of the servants of the gods took up the call. The gods taught them how to speak, how to love, how to make tools and weapons, and how to fight. With these gifts, the people of the earth rose and fought the evil ones, seeking to drive them back to where they came. There were many great battles with the creatures of darkness and their servants, but after long last the evil was defeated. The gods of the sky and the land were pleased with their servants, and granted them more gifts, teaching them to live as people rather than animals.

But it was the Mabeniki whom the gods favored above all, and we were given the greatest gifts. Our people settled on the lush lands of our grandfathers. We were given the strength of the Bear, the agility of the Lynx, the wisdom of the Owl, the daring of the Fox, and the hardiness of the Badger. And so the Mabeniki have prospered, and lived in harmony with the servants of the gods of the sky and the land.

Mabeniki Culture

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