Kushmir and Cathay


If the Crescent Empire is a riddle, then Cathay and Kushmir are riddles wrapped in a mysteries inside enigmas. Few Eurosians have traveled to these exotic lands, unable to brave the difficult trek. Numerous vessels have never returned from the months-long trek around the jungles on Numibia, lacking safe ports to resupply on the way. Few caravans dare brave the desert tribes that plague the southern routes through the Crescent Empire or the harsh weather of the northern routes via Ussura. The trinkets and artifacts that appear in Euros usually originate in the eastern markets of the Crescent Empire. Some Eurosian sailors boast of visiting the lands of the Multi-armed Goddess or the court of the Eternal Dragon, but their stories are generally not trusted.

Tales from the east describe Kushmir as a vast land of fertile soil, populated by dark-skinned people of serene beauty. Ancient monuments tower amidst bustling cities, crowded with unbelievable numbers of people.

The few reliable reports describe Cathay as country of ancient people with ivory-colored skin and dark almond shaped eyes, cities of intricately carved buildings stretching to the clouds, and undying sorcerer-kings who reign over the vast land with an iron fist.

Kushmir and Cathay

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