Crescent Empire


Southeast of Euros, and across the inland sea, lies a land steeped in mystery and tradition. Scorching deserts hide ancient ruins beneath the shifting sand, while wide fertile valleys stretch across land, protected by forbidding mountains. For centuries, the lands of the Crescent Moon were divided into a series of territories ruled by tribal chieftains. While these chieftain still hold sway over their regions, today the land can be justly be called an Empire. From the beautiful city of Iskandar situated on the Bay of Emeralds, a noble Sultan rules his people, working to turn the Empire into a formidable power.

The Empire has always faced hatred and persecution from the west. A series of Crusades swept across the subcontinent soon after the fall of Numa, bringing death and destruction in their wake. The “heathen” religion and strange customs of these Eastern people always branded them as outsiders. In the 11th century, the Third Prophet launched a new Crusade designed to wipe their “unclean blood” from the earth once and for all. The Crescents defended themselves with unwavering courage, and though the Crusades continued for some time, the Vaticine Church was unable to make the lasting incursion it wanted.

The cultural ramifications of this Crusade, however, were devastating. Unable to destroy the Empire through military might, the Church announced an economic embargo, declaring commerce with the heathens to be a sin punishable by death. The Crescents, for their part, wanted nothing to do with such savage and barbaric people and withdrew into their own lands. Only the enterprising Bernoulli family of Vodacce, through their deep connections with the Church, were permitted to conduct trade with the Crescent Empire. A series of watch-posts were established to prevent would-be adventurers from traveling to the Empire and so it has remained for over six hundred years.

Though the nation is currently isolated from western nations, some travel and commerce occurs through Vodacce and certainly with Ussura to the north and Kushmir/Cathay to the east. However, those who would venture into the lands of the Crescent Moon should know that the people are very suspicious of strangers and quick to defend their lands and their honor with blood.

Crescent Empire

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