A nation that has spent a sizable span of its history dealing with foreign interlopers, Castille (called “Castillo” by its inhabitants) ousted the Montaigne army from its soil only recently. Its people may be weary from the extended conflict, but it has not dampened their fiery nature or legendary lust for life. If anything, it has simply renewed their patriotic spirit and appreciation for one another.

Despite the current sense of relief, another danger lurks within the country’s borders. The Vaticine Church – an integral part of Castillian culture – is currently without a Hierophant, and the Inquisition has begun to take a more active role in Castille’s politics and daily affairs. The nation’s boy-king, Sandoval, has come to realize the Church will never grant him his due title of Rex Castillium and understands he must take it from them to truly rule his nation.

Castillians are both rational and passionate, with a love for the sciences as well as the arts. Generally speaking, they are the most well-educated people in Euros, enjoying free public schooling and access to the best universities on the continent. Their cities are clean and well-planned. An ambitious series of aqueducts provide fresh water to even the most remote locations. It places a great emphasis on deep thinking and creative problem solving, and reaps the benefits both socially and economically.

But the people of Castille are far from austere or pedantic. They have a great zeal for life, their families, and each other. They appreciate the arts and have a special love for music and dancing (some of which has been labeled as “salacious” by more prudish outsiders). Their favorite musical instrument is the guitar. A gifted player can have it sing, weep, and rejoice just as easily as the human voice.

Daily activities regularly become spontaneous celebrations in Castille. Meals, in particular, are a time for being social. Castillians eat what they grow, and most diets consist of a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and meats. Seafood is abundant, and heavy spicing (usually with garlic and peppers) is added to almost everything. Wine is the most popular drink and a popular export to other countries.

Honor is important to every Castillian; most will die for it. They also place high value on la familia, the family, and lineage is always taken into careful consideration. A sure way to start a fight with a Castillian is to question the honor of his mother. Just be prepared to take on the rest of the family as well, including second cousins twice removed. There is no concept of “extended family”, only la familia.


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