The Glamour Isles, resting off the continent’s northwestern shore like a mist-enshrouded dream, are colloquially referred to by most Eurosians as “Avalon.” In truth, they are three separate kingdoms that have only recently been unified under one crown. Before the current High Queen, Elaine, assumed the throne, Avalon, Inismore, and the Highland Marches warred with one another more frequently than they did with other nations. Their current alliance is tenuous, but has resulted in unparalleled prosperity.

Like most of the other nations, the people of the Glamour Isles can be classified by various social classes (peasant, clergy, merchant, noble, etc.). One new twist since Elaine’s rise to power has been the creation of the “noble sailor”, a title equivalent to an Avalon knight. This status is awarded to anyone who sails under the Avalon banner, and all noble sailors are entitled to a percentage of any plunder seized during their service, no matter how it is acquired. As a result, Avalon has a loyal navy, swollen with eager privateers. Even Elaine herself is surprised at how well her recruitment plan turned out.

Agriculture plays an important role on all three islands, from growing crops to herding sheep and cows. Even more important is the role of fishing. Fishing villages are spread far and wide up and down every coast, and almost everyone knows how to cast a line or net to scrounge up a meal during hard times. As could be expected, shipwrights are in high demand as well.

Ever practical, the people of Avalon, Inismore, and the Marches dress as the weather and environment dictates. Simple pants, shirts, and boots are the most common for men, while women typically wear blouses, bodices, and at least two skirts, one of which is hitched up under a belt. Pockets are a recent and popular innovation for pants, though belts with pouches continue to be the standard. The Marches are really the only place with a unique style of dress. Men there traditionally wear kilts decorated in the tartan colors of their ancestral Clan, forming a sash over the shoulder that can be unpinned and used as a makeshift blanket. It should be noted that the nobility still look to Montaigne for the latest styles, only to personalize them in new and unexpected ways.

Lucky charms, omens, and other superstitions are an important part life in Avalon, a side effect of longstanding belief in the Sidhe. The “Goodly Folke” are believed to be as fickle as they are powerful, and most superstitions are rooted in ways of keeping them at bay. No one wants to get on the bad side of a Sidhe.



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