El Orgullo de Barcino


Class: Barque

Acceleration Top Speed Handling Toughness (Armor)
2 8 +0 16 (2)

Crew: minimum 15, maximum 50, passengers 4

Cargo: 7 spaces

Guns: 4 × 8 pdr cannon (40/80/120, 3d6+1, AP3, heavy weapon)
   4 × 4 pdr cannon (20/40/60, 2d6+2, AP2, heavy weapon)

Swift Topsails: The Orgullo’s sails are designed in a way that maximizes the wind. (Top Speed is better than other barques)
Heavy Armor: Ships are not damaged by melee or normal ranged weapons, or by spells.


Originally the ship commissioned for Marquesa Elena’s expedition to the New World, this vessel was sunk in deep waters about one week east of Casa de Navidad after being accidentally rammed by the Queen Mary during an encounter with a giant squid.

El Orgullo de Barcino

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