Ustan Romero

"¡Tonto del culo! If you don't get that mainsail secured, you'll be swimming back to Barcino!"


Captain of El Orgullo de Barcino, Ustan is an incredibly intense and driven man. He is a workaholic and is rarely ‘off duty’, whether on the sea or in port. He expects much from his crew, but only demands perfection from himself. Most of his sailors consider him a fair captain, and those who find him too demanding rarely sign on for a repeat voyage.

Ustan is a tall, heavyset man with a round, somber face and gray hair that is beginning to recede. He dresses in clean, practical clothing, his uniform jacket the only concession to his rank.

Ustan led Marquessa Elena’s expedition to the new world, losing his ship along the way. He contracted a lung disease and perished in Octavius 1668 AV.


Ustan Romero

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