"My people were ancient when yours crawled from the primordial ooze. Do not speak to me of barbarians and culture."


A servant and companion to Lady Maria, this elven woman is stern and aloof, rarely deigning to speak with anyone but her charge. She appears rather primitive and barbaric, her light skin covered with intricate blue-black tattoos and her attire often consisting of leather straps and furs that minimize what little femininity she possesses.

While seeming to dislike the entirety of human existence, Siobhan (pronounced shih-Von) is close to Maria and appears to not only tolerate, but enjoy the dark-haired woman’s company.


Siobhan appears to share Maria’s dislike of Francisco and Alexander, although she interacts little with either man. She was greatly offended by Juan’s attempt at presenting a gift, and then surprised and curt about Francisco’s ability to speak her language.


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