Remi Duval

"Crétin! If you don't stop making so much noise, I'll shoot you myself!"


A native of Montaigne, but a citizen of nowhere, Remi has the flinty eyes and wrinkled, weathered face of someone who’s spent a lifetime outdoors. He speaks quietly, even when angry, and usually pauses before responding to even the simplest of questions.

Dressed in practical and well-worn clothing, he is rarely without a heavy machete on his hip and a musket across his back. Remi is a business-first type of person, primarily interested in the prey he is stalking, regardless of the outcome for those around him. Although clearly most comfortable alone in the wilderness than in the company of others, he has reluctantly signed on for the expedition due to the possibility of hunting truly dangerous creatures.


Alexander exposed a group of Castillian men who were cheating Remi during a card game then chased off the scoundrels when they tried to take issue with the matter.

The woodsman’s musket claimed at least a pair of pirates during the attack on El Orgullo del Barcino, despite his late arrival to the skirmish.

Remi Duval

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