"I was sparring with myself on deck, and came up with this really awesome move. I just know it’ll kill some pirates!"


Tall for his age, this lad is easily mistaken for a teenager. His childhood eagerness competes with the desire to be taken seriously. Raimundo seems to have led a sheltered childhood that has kept his fantasies intact, and he has very high expectations of life and his future.


Raimundo met George in the markets of Barcino, thinking that he helped to prevent the Avalonian from being swindled. He seems to have latched onto the grizzled marine, and frequently pesters him for tips, pointers and tactics in his quest to become the great hero he knows he can be.

The boy was badly injured after falling from the rigging during the pirate attack, but has bounced back very quickly due to Keman’s expert ministrations.


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