Melzio Mendoza

"May the blessings of our lord guide you and steer you from this dangerous and self-destructive course."


A simple Castillian monk, Melzio is a quiet and kind man who has devoted his life to the Vaticine teachings. Dressed in a simple black robe with a wide-brimmed hat, Melzio carries only what he needs to tend the spiritual needs of those who seek him out. Although he respects (and fears) the Inquisition, he quietly nurses doubts about their methods and purpose and hopes that the appointment of a new Heirophant will help prevent some of the terrible events he has witnessed.


Melzio has spent much of the early voyage chatting with Francisco and Keman, enjoying in-depth discussions of religious and scientific matters. He has also enjoyed Maria’s wit and intelligence, but makes great efforts to steer clear of her when she is arguing with or about Francisco.

The preacher was badly injured during the pirate attack, but has begun to recover slowly.

Melzio Mendoza

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