Maria Francesca de Sandoval y Vega

“The ancient Numans had a saying: ‘Infernum enim non habet furorem...’”


The niece of Marqussa Elena, Maria is a proud and capable young woman with a brilliant mind and an education to match. She is very aware of her capabilities and is forthcoming to the point of arrogance in asserting her views on any matter. Her relationship to King Sandoval ensures that few dare challenge her pronouncements, but she frequently rails against passive resistance to her perceived authority, attributing it to cultural biases against women.

Maria has a fiery temper, and her intelligence and education conspire to make her tongue even sharper than the fine rapier she often wears. She uses obscure proverbs and foreign quotes liberally, often subtlely belittling men who underestimate or dismiss her capabilities because of her gender. She is impatient with interruption, visibly bristling at such rudeness.


Maria has an history with Francisco, seeming to loath the young scholar deeply and taking every opportunity to oppose or belittle him. The Castillian man has been evasive in explaining her dislike of him, claiming that he merely ‘turned down her advances’…

The young woman has also taken a great dislike to Alexander due to his insulting and sexist comments. The Vendel trader has also frequently stirred up the ships’ crew, reminding them of the bad luck of having a woman on board.

Maria Francesca de Sandoval y Vega

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