Francisco Velázquez

Renaissance Man


Francisco Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez

Concept: Scholar Rank: Novice Experience: 10
Race: Human (Castillian) Profession: Natural Philosopher
Age: 24 Height: 173 cm Weight: 68 kg


Agility d4 Charisma 0 Boating d4 Knowledge (History) d6
Smarts d10 Pace 6 Fighting d6 Knowledge (Nature) d6
Spirit d8 Parry 7 Healing d8 Knowledge (Physiology) d6
Strength d6 Toughness 5/6 Investigation d8 Knowledge (Common) d10+2
Vigor d6 Bennies 3 Notice d8 Language (Castillian) d10
Riding d4 Language (Avalon) d6
Shooting d4 Language (Vodaccian) d6
any Smarts d4 Language (Elvish) d6
Language (Numan) d6
Language (classical Hellenic) d6
Language (Noyabento) d6
Racial Skills (Castille) Major: Curious
Castillian Education Minor: Vow (Maria Francesca de Sandoval y Vega)
Jack-of-All-Trades Minor: Expensive Taste


Type Armor Wt.
Leather Torso +1 15 Embossed with family crest
Buckler 8 +1 Parry


Range Damage AP RoF Mag. Wt.
Rapier melee St+d4 3 Parry +1
Dagger melee St+d4 1
3/6/12 St+d4 1
Wheellock Pistol 5/10/20 2d8 1 2 rounds to reload


Num. Wt.
Travelling Clothes 1 Well-made, embroidered
Backpack 1 2
Bedroll 1 4 Quilted eiderdown
Waterskin 1 1
Flint & Steel 1 1
Whetstone 1 1
Books 5 ?
Notebooks 5 ?
Pen & Ink 1 ?
Soap 1 0.2
Luggage Chest 1 ?
Powder Horn 35 1
Shot 15 1.6
Horse 1




Francisco Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez is the second son of a minor noble family from Castilia. His family doesn’t have enough money to support him indefinitely, and as a younger son he will not inherit the family estate, so he has to make his own way in the world.

Francisco is a brilliant scholar and natural philosopher, educated at the universities in Salamanca (Castillia) and Padua (Vodacce). He has met Galileo Galilei and he has fought several duels. He is particularly knowledgable about nature and medicine, and speaks many languages. If the expedition runs into any ancient Hellenes, Francisco can talk to them.

Francisco has expensive tastes, although he can’t always indulge them. While he was in Vodacce he got into a dispute with another noble.

Francisco is excited by the possibility of discovering unknown plants, animals and peoples in the New World. He is also hoping that this expedition will secure his academic and financial future.

Francisco is accompanied by his assistant, Juan.

Francisco Velázquez

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