Fabiano Bugiardini

"This next little reel is one I learned during my travels in Numibia. I used it to banish a demon and save my soul. It makes a good dance tune, don’t you think?"


A storyteller, musician and traveler, this young Vodaccian man is cheerful, energetic and pleasant to a fault. The bard’s short russet hair is always neat and carefully coiffed. He is almost always overdressed for whatever activity he is engaged with, although his lute and fiddle are never far from reach.

Fabiano is always moving around and jumping from place to place. Even after a long day of walking or a few days without sleep, he seems to be full of energy. He often strikes dramatic poses and pauses to give his words effect, and never passes up a chance to perform, whether it may be music, dance or story-telling.


Fabiano has taken a liking to Casimiro, having used his entertaining skills to assist his fellow Vodaccian to elude Casella’s thugs. Despite his apparent ineptitude with a blade, Fabiano managed to incapacitate not one, but two, assailants during the pirate attack on El Orgullo del Barcino.

Fabiano Bugiardini

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