Casimiro Lorenzini

We have something to discuss, its a matter of life and death. My life. Your death.


Casimiro Lorenzini

Alias: Miro Rank: Novice Experience: 0 Age: 18 Height: 185 cm Weight: 85 kg
Race: Vodaccian Languages: Vodaccian d6, Castillian d6, Ussuran d4, Noyabento (Mabeniki) d4


Agility d8 Smarts d6 Spirit (Shaken) d6 Strength d8 Vigor (Soak) d6
Charisma 0 Pace 6” (+1d6” run) Parry 6 (+weapon/shield) Toughness 5 (6 /w armour)


Fighting d8 Lockpicking d8 Stealth d8 Persuasion d6
Notice d6 Streetwise d4 Climbing d6 Boating d4

Edges and Hindrances

Edge Notes Hindrance Type Notes
Assassin +2 damage when foe unaware Enemy Major Ortensio Delfino Casella
Thief +2 Climbing, Lockpick and Stealth (urban) Wanted Minor Major crime far away
Ambidextrous Use either hand without -2 penalty Vengeful Minor Holds a grudge, usually taken legally
- - Scar on right arm Injury -1 Charisma when shirtless

Arms and Armour

Arms Damage Cost Weight Notes
Shortsword Str + d6 200 4
Rapier Str + d4 150 3 Parry + 1
Dagger Str + d4 25 1
Longsword Str + d8 300 8
Armour Bonus Cost Weight Notes
Leather Armour +1 50 15 Covers torso, legs, arms
None - - -


Item Cost Weight Item Cost Weight Item Cost Weight
Backpack 50 2 Canteen (waterskin) 5 1 Flint and Steel 3 1
Lockpicks 200 1 Whetstone 5 1 Blanket 10 4
Normal Clothing 20 - Soap 1 1/5 Boots - -
Over-sized Fancy Clothing Less than usual - - - - - - -
Money: 1453sp

Casimiro Lorenzini (Miro) is the third son of a minor noble Baldoméro Garcia Lorenzini (from his second wife Lady Aldamira). Miro is at least 10 years younger than his older brothers. In private, some might suggest that Miro is not actually the Lord Lorenzini’s son (there are rumours that Lord Lorenzini has killed a few men for making such accusations).

Miro has fled to the New World to avoid criminal charges in Vodacce.

Ortensio Delfino Casella is an old family enemy, a rival crime boss to Miro’s father. Lord Casella is always looking at ways to “even the score” in the feud and will hire men to track down Miro now that he is away from his father’s estate.

Casimiro Lorenzini

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