Captain George Mason

Former Marine in the Avalon Navy now on a quest to find his former fiancee


Name: Captain George Mason

Strength D6
Smarts D6
Vigor D6
Agility D8
Spirit D6


Fighting D8
Shoot D8
Kn. Battle D6
Riding D4
Survival D4
Notice D6
Persuasion D6
Climb D4
Swim D4*
Boating D4*

*Background for being from Avalon.


Command +1 to spirit rolls to recover from Shaken in 5” radius
Command Presence Increase radius of command to 10”


Code of Honor (major)
Anemic (Minor)
Hard of hearing (minor)


Captain George Mason was born in the small village of Hillbrook on the islands of Avalon. His father is a butcher and his mother a seamstress. He grew up with 4 brothers and two sisters and had a fairly happy childhood. A smart yet not brilliant child he went to school until the age of 12 and then helped his father as an apprentice butcher. When he turned 16 he decided to try his hand in the army. He quickly moved up the ranks and became a Captain in the Marines. He and his detachment of 8 to 16 men would accompany ships on their voyage and help repel any boarders. During the 3rd pirates campaign George and his men distinguished themselves several times by showing a willingness to stand up to enemy fire and return it without flinching. One time George and his men captured a pirate ship and George his corporal Stevens and the first mate of the ship Shea discovered a treasure map and a stone carving that showed the location of a mysterious lost city in the new world reputed to be filled to the brim with treasures. Unwilling to turn their discovery over to the authorities they agreed to split up what they had found and meet after the expedition on the 21st of December in the city of Londonium at the great tower. There they would figure out what to do with the map and corresponding carving. Shea and Stevens each got ½ the map and George the carving. The deal was sealed in blood. A few days later George and his men engaged a pirate ship and during the encounter a cannon ball landed near George and grievously injured him. He woke up recuperating in a hospital on the main land. His left eardrum was perforated and his hearing has never been the same. He also has yet to fully recover from his wounds and has become anemic with a persistent hacking cough. Fortunately for George the 3rd pirate campaign was a success and George was granted a small farm with 50 acres of land in the highlands. He settled there and 2 years past. George did show up for the meeting on Dec 21st but the other two did not and he promptly forgot about it. George settled into the rather pedestrian life of farming and quickly grew bored with it. However his life took a turn for the better when a young lady entered into his life. He met Mary Margaret at a country dance and the two took to courting. A whirlwind 3 months flew by and George was determined to ask the young, beautiful and intelligent woman to be his wife. He was in for a shock when one day he returned to his house and found it ransacked. The only thing missing was the carving that he had found two years ago. Also missing was his fiancée to be Mary. Fearing for her life he left the farm and tried to track her down. He learned in Londonium that a lady of her description along with two gentlemen were seen boarding a ship for the new world. Angry and yet still in love with Mary, George booked a trip to the new world hocking his rifle to raise enough cash for the trip. He is determined to find Mary and the two men and either confront or rescue her (depending on what happened). His interest in the carving and the treasure map has been renewed. Someone seems to think they are genuine so maybe they are. Are the mysterious men Stevens and Shea or someone else? Only a trip to the new world will answer these questions….

Captain George Mason

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